Do you need your loved one to feel at home?

It is fortunately here: the time to discuss resident care for your beloved one! Not too long ago, our aging and/or ailing parent or spouse had devoted a lifetime to procure the greatest of care in order to either mold our minds and bodies or lovingly sacrifice time and personal goals to honor the marital vows. Although are still willing to shower us with the sweetest touch, health related issues have regrettably stood in the way to prevent us from enjoying another nugget of joy from that parent or spouse. Wholeheartedly, we shoulder the responsibility to articulate our gratitude for their priceless gift by providing the kindest of care in return; but our own obligations have a way of distressing heartfelt desires and, at times, marginalizing the very loving care which our hearts are so longing to abundantly provide. If you can relate to this illustration, then it is fair to assume that you would agree that time and space have erected themselves into an almost insurmountable barricade between you and your ailing loved one.

Well, at this point, you are more than likely considering an assisted living and/or respite care facility. But the thought of handing over a member of your family to a facility can raise great concerns, as the latest reports indicate a rise in elderly abuse, negligence of staff, inadequate accommodations and nutrition, etc… One of the major factors associated with mistreatment and neglect is the institutional connotation conveyed by most assisted living facilities in the way their operational processes are implemented. On a quest to secure a consistent profit margin for their shareholders, they pitifully trampled over the dignity and honor owed to their residents; and quite inexorably, holistic, personable and homey care falls by the wayside.






Why choose Lamercie Home?

That’s exactly why we’ve edified Lamercie Home, with a family approach to assisted living. Cradled in the breathtaking and soothing waterways of Fort Lauderdale, FL, Lamercie Home has delivered exceptional assisted living and respite care since 1994. The enchanted waterfront views from the upper and lower balconies induce our residents with a predisposition to serenity and reinforce their psyche with an inclination to positive affirmation, which greatly contributes in accelerating the healing process. Our competent and caring staff creates an atmosphere filled with warmth and companionship by going above and beyond to execute the most personable delivery at every interaction with the resident. That family approach to assisted living is what sets us apart as a refuge for healing. At Lamercie Home, exceeding your expectations is our sole purpose in serving your loved one. Our quick response to medical emergencies, experienced staff, desirable location and comfortable accommodations have made of Lamercie Home your most practical and attractive selection for continuing assisted living and respite care.

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We are looking forward seeing you at Lamercie Home and thanks again for choosing us.